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Life Patterns

Updated: Mar 5

“Life without a whimsy is a life in vain”

#5 Life Patterns
#5 Life Patterns

I am inspired by the symmetry and how everything is intertwined in nature. From a far distance things look blurry and all connected and when you look closer you get to see and realize that everything is unique in its own way but their is pattern that gives the impression of connectivity. My upcoming drop Life Pattern is about the complexity of life how our mind try to connect dots when even their is no connection.

About The Drop

It is based on the very early drawings I did. During that time I was struggling with anxiety and depression (I still do but it is better now). I didn't even show my work to any of my friends or family. I was very young but as the time goes on I realized the only thing that can help me is my work and accepting myself the way I am. To get to this realization I am very thankful to some of the amazing people in the NFT space. I never thought I would share my art with anyone but NFT space has given me the opportunity and courage to share my work with the world. I am very grateful for that.

All the pieces have hand drawn base and have been modified digitally. In a sense after adding the digital element these are AI enhanced pieces. The pattern and complexity is unique and gives an illusion of connectivity. I always wonder why connection is important in life, well!

When people go within and connect with themselves, they realize they are connected to the universe and they are connected to all living things.” Armand Dimele

#4 is the depiction of the future, where we are heading. I captured years ago and now it is in fact turning out to be a reality.

Plans and Features
  • The drop will have 5 (one to one) pieces in the collection (Life Pattern). The collector of the NFT will be able to get a free Live 3-D model of their NFT (not including gas). A snapshot will be taken at random (will be announced in discord/twitter). The 3-D model is for them to showcase in the Metaverse and will be in AR/VR compatible format.

  • A big portion of proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society . I will be donating in honor of my mother she is a two time cancer survivor and I know how hard and challenging it is for the patients and their loved ones. According to 2017 report nearly 1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer, and 1 in 4 will die from the disease. This makes me very sad and this is just my way of doing something.

Launch Date

Will be announced soon

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