• The Optimist (AB)

Light In The Web Of Darkness

The inspiration behind this piece is, how hope gets overshadowed so quickly by the darkness of negativity and this piece is a visual representation of effects, aftereffects and the cure.

This piece is a reminder that there is light even in the darkness. No matter how bad a situation or how much of a dark place someone thinks they at, there is always hope. The glowing flower in the middle is the sign of hope which appears to be engulfed by the negative energies and there are so many things jumbled into one another and that makes it harder to see the light.

Hope gets hidden behind the globe of darkness, but it is there, this art piece is a depiction and a reminder to take a deep breath and try to find the light inside you. It is you who can do anything you want and be the best version of yourself.

The darkness around the center of your hope (the flower of light) is the dark casted shadow of negativity but it is nothing more than over complication of things intertwined together, take one thing at a time and you can untie all the knots.

“Let your hopes, not your hurts shape your future” (R.H Schuller)


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