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OpenZoo Early Bird Excitement

Updated: Feb 20

I am very excited to be part of the OpenZoo early bird program and I will be launching two separate collections on the platform.

One will be the OpenZoo card and the second will be the collection called Enigma.

OpenZoo Card:

There will be 888 of the OpenZoo cards. They are made specially for early adaptors and holders of this NFT will be awarded in the future. Holder of this NFT will get the following perks,

  • They will have early access to my future drops on OpenZoo

  • They will also get an airdrop of a special NFT once all the OpenZoo cards are sold out. The special airdrop NFT will be in 3-D and will be Metaverse ready (AI and AR compatible) you will be able to use it in the Metaverse with ease and show your collection.

  • A big portion of proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society . I will be donating in honor of my mother she is a two time cancer survivor and I know how hard and challenging it is for the patients and their loved ones. According to 2017 report nearly 1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer, and 1 in 4 will die from the disease. This makes me very sad and this is just my way of doing something.

  • The card itself is 3-D and you will be able to take it into the Metaverse in future to show your friend how early you were in the space

Enigma Collection:

This collection consist of intricate abstract I drew that depicts the complexity of life and how everything is connected and can be seen once all the links are intertwined. The base of all the pieces is a mix of analog and digital. I always try to combine both worlds and that is why all my ideas and pieces starts with an abstract on the paper or my tablet and then stage by stage it gets closer to the finished piece. All the pieces are run through my code and then I go over by hand piece by piece to finalize everything,

I put a lot of thought into it and I hope you enjoy it.

  • A portion of proceeds from this collection will also go towards Canadian Cancer Society.

  • I am working on the 3-D model for the art as well and holders of the NFT will be eligible for a free AI/AR compatible 3-D version of the piece. It will be airdropped to the holders.

Thank you for reading



What do you mean by Metaverse ready or AI/AR ( Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality) compatible pieces?

When I say my piece AI/AR and metaverse ready that means they are minted in such a formatting that the minted file can be used in games and animation it will be compatible and holder don't need to do anything.

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