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The Flare Pack

The Flare Pack is going to be my very first NFT on the Songbird network. Total supply is set to 200. Once the collection is sold out there will be a snapshot at a random time for additional perks (snapshot date will be announced later through discord )

The Total available NFTs on Songbird will be 191 out of 200, 100 have been minted on Ethereum and 9 of them are held by the holders and the rest 91 will be burnt and will never be sold on Ethereum. So rest assured the total supply will never exceeds 200.

Perks and benefits

  • 50 lucky holders of this NFT will be able to claim a physical coin shown in the NFT.

  • There will be potential Whitelist opportunities for the next drops.

  • A portion of proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society . I will be donating in honor of my mother she is a two time cancer survivor and is battling for the third time. I know how hard and challenging it is for the patients and their loved ones. According to 2017 report nearly 1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer, and 1 in 4 will die from the disease. This makes me very sad and this is just my way of doing something.

  • Once the collection is sold out 100k SGB will be sent to treasury wallet.

  • In future there will be a separate private discord channel for the holders.


  • What will be the Mint Cost?

Mint cost will be 3500SGB

  • When is the mint?

The exact date will be announced soon, (Mint will be no later than mid of April)

  • Why did you mint on Ethereum?

I am a very early believer of flare and I created this NFT about 7 months ago and in the excitement I decided to mint half (100) on Ethereum because Flare/Songbird was not launched at that time but later I realized Ethereum is not the right choice so I halted the sale. There will ever be only 9 holders of this NFT on Ethereum.

So 200 - 9 = 191 That's why the total available on Songbird will be 191, totaling 200

  • Will you be holding any?

I will reserve 6 NFT for twitter and discord giveaways the rest will go on public sale. Total available for public sale will be 185 NFTs

  • Will there be a treasury wallet?

Yes, Once the collection is sold out a100k SGB will be sent to treasury wallet and the community will decide on what to do with that money. Everything will be transparent.

If you have any questions please ask me in discord or through my twitter.

Thank you for reading,

AB ❤️🙏

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